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Math 131B: Analysis, Fall 2016


Course info

Course Blog can be found from here.

A constantly updating schedule for the course is here. (The subjects of each week are very preliminary.)

Time and place: Lectures on MWF, 9am-9:50am, MS 6627. Discussion session Thursdays 9am-9:50am, MS 6627.

Instructor: Rami Luisto

TA: David Jekel, davidjekel at gmail dot com. TA office hours Wed 2.30-4.00 at MS 2953.

Quizzes: Each lecture will begin with a 5 minute quiz. The question of the quiz will be announced at least a few days in advance and will always be of the form of "What is the definition of X?" or "What is the statement of Theorem X?", where X will be one of the topics of the lecture. For example on Lecture 0 on Friday, September 23rd the question will be "What is the definition of a metric?". The answer can always be found from the course book, and almost always from Wikipedia.

Homework: Problem sets will appear here, usually on Friday noon, and they should be returned at latest at the next friday lecture. There will be, on average, six problems per homework set. From this six problems, on average, three will be graded.

Course material: Terence Tao: Analysis II (Chapters 1 - X). The main three topics are Metric Spaces, Power series & Friends, and Fourier analysis. If you feel that the book is too dense, you might want to borrow Elementary Analysis by Kenneth Ross. It covers, more or less, the first 6-ish weeks of our course.

Prerequisites: courses 33B, 115A, 131A.

Grading: Either 15%HW + 5%Quizzes + 20%Midterm1 + 20%Midterm2 + 40%Final OR 25%Midterm1 + 25%Midterm2 + 50%Final

Midterms and Final: Midterms on the mondays of 4th and 7th weeks. Final on December 8th at 8:00 - 11:00 AM in MS 6627.

On midterms the use of calculators, books, notes or phones is not allowed.

There are not make-up midterms. The date and final exam cannot be changed: you must attend the final exam in order to pass the class.

Academic integrity: Please review the regulations at the following website: