Rami Luisto


Besides mathematics I enjoy programming/CS and I have more than a passing interest both in physics and economics. In particular I find information theory, cryptography and Turing completeness fascinating concepts. More recently I have also gotten more and more interested in the field of semiotics, especially as it relates to modern AI.

Here I have gathered various things that do not easily fall under other categories of my homepage. I often process my thoughts by either writing or complaining about them, some of my more technical texts are here, for less technical things see the blog.

A decorative fractal-ish picture. The base is a sort of Sierpinski triangle, on top of which we have a mandala-looking disk and on top of that a very narrow white triangle.

Mathematical(-ish) writings

Miscellaneous projects

Book recommendations

Listed below are some books I have truly enjoyed. They are in no particular order besides the first one being most important.

Internet recommendations

Listed below are some internets I have enjoyed, in no particular order.