Rami Luisto

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Photo of Rami Luisto smiling in front of a blackboard.

I am a tall postdoctoral researcher in mathematics currently working at the Charles University in Prague - on September first I will be starting a postdoc position at the Unviversity of Jyväskylä. I received my PhD in 2016 From the University of Helsinki. Since then I've been spreading my mathematical wings in the universities of UCLA and Jyväskylä. For a more detailed history, here is my mathematical CV.

My research interests are largely in the field of quasiconformal geometry, metric geometry and more recently in regularity of Sobolev and BV mappings. I am also interested in applying methods of geometric group theory and algebraic topology in my work.

Contact information

Department of mathematical analysis
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University
Sokolovska 83
186 75, Prague 8

Email: First name . Last name . gmail.com

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